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Casting Specifications

Manganese Casting

Chemical Composition

IS 276-2000 Manganese Steel

Specifi- cationCSi
Gr.11.05 – 1.351.011.0 –
Gr.20.9 – –
Gr.31.05 – 1.351.011.5 – 14.01.5 –
Gr.40.70 – 1.301.011.5 – 14.03.0 –
Gr.51.05 – 1.451.011.5 – 14.01.8 –
Gr.61.05 – 1.350.3 – 0.516.0 –
Gr.71.05 – 1.350.3 – 0.516.0 – 19.01.5 –
High Chrome Casting

These irons produce a more continuous structure of iron-chromium carbides.

After heat treatment these irons have a hardness range of 600-650 BHN

All the white irons are difficult to machine, however advances in ceramic machining tips have vastly improved the prospects.

They are nearly impossible to drill and tap and hace steel inserts cast into the casting to allow drilling and tapping to take place.

GradeCarbon %Silicon %Manganese %Moly.%Nickel %Chrome %Copper %
3A1.8 to 3.01.0 Max0.5 to 1.502.5 Mx2.0 Max14 to 172.0 Max
3B3.0 to 3.61.0 Max0.5 to 1.53.0 Max2.0 Max14 to 172.0 Max
3C1.8 to 3.01.0 Max0.5 to 1.53.0 Max2.0 Max17 to 222.0 Max
3D2.0 to 2.81.0 Max0.5 to 1.51.5 Max2.0 Max22 to 282.0 Max
3E2.8 to 3.51.0 Max0.5 to 1.51.5 Max2.0 Max22 to 282.0 Max
3F2.0 to 2.71.0 Max0.5 to 1.52.5 Max2.0 Max11 to 132.0 Max
3G2.7 to 3.41.0 Max0.5 to 1.53.0 Max2.0 Max11 to 132.0 Max
Ni Hard Casting

In these irons a development of iron-chromium carbides produce a tougher more abrasion resistant iron.

The variation of carbon content effects the toughness and abrasion resistance.

Greater carbon increases the resistance to abrasion, however at the loss of toughness and vice versa lowering the carbon increases toughness but decreases the resistance to wear.

Hardness ranges dependent on section thickness can be between 450-600 BHN

The use for Ni-Hards is in pulverising, crushing and impact wear plates also in heavy duty pump casings and impellers for slurry and gravel applications.

GradeCarbon %Silicon %Manganese %Nickel %Chrome %
2A2.7 to 3.20.3 to 0.80.2 to 0.83.0 to 5.51.5 to 3.5
2B3.2 to 3.60.3 to 0.80.2 to 0.83.0 to 5.51.5 to 3.5
2C2.4 to 2.81.5 to 2.20.2 to 0.84.0 to 6.08.0 to 10.0
2D2.8 to 3.21.5 to 2.20.2 to 0.84.0 to 6.08.0 to 10.0
2E3.2 to 3.61.5 to 2.20.2 to 0.84.0 to 6.08.0 to 10.0
SG Iron Casting



IS-210 – 93
IS6331 -87
BS 1452-90DIN-1691-85GOST 1412-85ISO-185-88JIS-G5501-89SAE J431-93ASTM
FG 15025B150GG-15C415150FC150G2500
FG 20030B200GG-20C420200FC200G3000
FG 22035B220C424G3500
FG 26040B250GG-25C425250FC250G4000






% C3.5 – 3.83.4 – 3.73.2 – 3.53.1 – 3.4
% SI2.3 – 2.82.1 – 2.61.8 – 2.31.6 – 2.1
% MN0.4 – 0.80.5 – 0.80.6 – 0.80.6 – 0.8
% PMAX 0.2MAX 0.2MAX 0.2MAX 0.15
% S0.06 – 0.150.06 – 0.150.06 – 0.150.06 – 0.12
C EQV.4.2 – 4.64.0 – 4.33.8 – 4.13.6 – 3.9
BHN120 – 140130 – 150140 – 170170 – 220
TENSILE STRENGTH12 kg/mm215 kg/mm220 kg/mm225 kg/mm2
Gun Metal Casting

Gun Metal Casting


We are among the prominent Gun Metal Castings Manufacturers and Suppliers all over India. Gun Metal Castings brought forth by the company, are available in various hardness, tensile strengths and dimensions. Gun Metal Castings are manufactured using high grade raw materials in compliance with international quality standards. Gun Metal Castings of our company are widely accepted in different industries for their brilliant surface finish. Gun Metal Castings are highly appreciated by clients for their tolerance capacity, dimensional accuracy and durability. Typical uses of Gunmetal Casting is Pressure tight bearings, bushes, pumps and pump fittings, valves, valve bodies, and valve guides under corrosive marine conditions, Gear and worm wheels, Bearings for aero engines, diesel engines, electrical generators and rolling mills etc.

  • Easily affordable prices
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • High tensile strength
  • Longer service life
  • Various Hardness
  • Dimensions Accuracy
  • Tolerance Capacity
Chemical Composition
LTB-1 (Standard: IS: 318-1981)Rem.6-82.5-3.51.5-30.32  0.7
LTB-2 (Standard: IS: 318-1981)Rem.4-64-64-60.352  0.8
LG-1 (Standard: BS 1400)Rem.2-3.54-67-9.50.520.
LG-2 (Standard: BS 1400Rem4-64-64-60.52 0.010.02  0.050.8
LG-4 (Standard: BS 1400)Rem.6-8.052.5-3.51.5-30.22 0.050.7
RG-5 (Standard: DIN)84-864-64-64-  
RG-7 (Standard: DIN)83-856.8-85.3-73.3-50.21-  
BC-1 (Standard: JIS)79-832 – 43-78-120.3510.   
BC-2 (Standard: JIS)86-907 – 90-13 –   
BC-6 (Standard: JIS)83 – 874 – 64 – 64 – 60.310.   
BC-7 (Standard: JIS)86-905 – 71-33-   
C83600 (Standard: ASTM)84 – 864.3 – 64 – 5.74.3 – 60.2510.050.0050.0050.250.08  
C84400 (Standard: ASTM)79 – 822.5-3.56-87-  

Aluminium Bronze Casting

The company is the prime Manufacturer and Supplier of Aluminium Bronze Castings. Manufactured using high grade metals, these Aluminium Bronze Castings are rigorously tested on various parameters to ensure premium quality. The company holds expertise in customizing the Aluminium Bronze Castings range as per the OE specifications and other details provided by our clients. Aluminium casting together with bronze produces alloys which offer high strength coupled with excellent corrosion resistance properties. These Aluminium Bronze Castings are manufactured with using high grade raw materials in compliance with international quality standards. These Aluminium Bronze Castings have a extensive range of uses and classifications such as AB1 and AB2. Typical uses for AB1 are selector forks and levers. AB2 has outstanding resistance to sea water directly due to the thin film of aluminium oxide on the external surface making the Aluminium Bronze Castings particularly suitable for the offshore and marine industry. Typical uses for these Aluminium Bronze Castings are pump impellers, marine propellers, valves, marine engineering, petroleum, oil and chemical industries.

  • Durability
  • High tensile strength
  • Compact design
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Resistance to corrosion
Chemical Composition
AB-1 (Standard: BS 1400)Rem.
AB-2 (Standard: BS 1400)Rem.
AB-3 (Standard: BS 1400)Rem.
ALBC1 (Standard: JIS)85-900.10.10.51-30.1-18-100.1-1
ALBC2 (Standard: JIS)80-880.
ALBC3 (Standard: JIS)78-850.10.10.53-63-68.5-10.50.1-1.5
ALBC4 (Standard: JIS)71-840.10.10.52-51-46-97-15
(K) C9540083 Min0.10.030.13-51.510-11.50.5
(K) C9550078 Min0.10.030.13-53-5.58.5-9.53.5
(K) C9580078 Min0.
G-CuAl10Fe (Standard: DIN)83-890.20.10.42-
G-CuAl9Ni (Standard: DIN)82-
G-CuAl10Ni (Standard: DIN)76-
G-CuAl11Ni (Standard: DIN)72-770.


Phosphor Bronze Casting

Our range of Phosphor Bronze Castings is widely demanded for features like high strength, low coefficient of friction and fine grain. The range of Phosphor Bronze Castings is appreciated in the market for its features of perfect finish, modular design and smooth edges. Clients can avail the Phosphor Bronze Castings in customization with the details specified by them. Phosphor Bronzes PB1, PB2, PB3 & PB4 are predominantly used for their wear resistance and bearing properties. Bronzes PB1 and PB2 are preferred in the form of heavy duty gears, worm-wheels and bearings for the more critical applications where high working loads, high speeds, impact loading and pounding coupled with adequate lubrication and good alignment are found. Phosphor Bronze PB4 is adequate for the less critical applications. Phosphor Bronze Castings are extensively used in diversified industrial sectors.

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Easily Affordable Prices
  • Durability
  • Rust-proof
  • Copper Tin alloys with about 0.4-1% phosphorus are harder than tin bronzes but with lower ductility
Chemical Composition
PB 1 (Standard: BS 1400)Rem.10 Min0. Min0.010.02 0.6
PB 2 (Standard: BS 1400)Rem.11 – Min0.010.02 0.2
PB-4 (Standard: BS 1400)Rem.9.5 Min0.750.5 0.50.4 Min   0.5
Phosphorus Bz Grade-1 (Standard: IS: 28-1985)Rem.6-
Phosphorus Bz Grade-2 (Standard: IS: 28-1985)Rem.10 Min0. Min0.010.02 0.6
Phosphorus Bz Grade-3 (Standard: IS: 28-1985)Rem.6.5-8.52-52 10.3 Min   0.5
Phosphorus Bz Grade-4 (Standard: 28-1985)Rem.9-110.250.05 0.250.15   0.8
Phosphorus Bz Grade-5 (Standard: 28-1985)Rem.11- Min0.010.02 0.2
Leaded Tin Bronze Casting

We are a prominent Leaded Tin Bronze Castings Manufacturer and Supplier. Leaded Tin Bronze Castings are made from premium grade material, following international industrial standards. Leaded Tin Bronze Castings are easy to install and widely appreciated for their durability and efficiency. Leaded Tin Bronze Castings consist of 10-12% tin as a major alloying element. Clients can avail the offered range in customization with the details specified by them.

  • Resistance to rust
  • Compact Design
  • Dimensional stability
  • Efficient Performance
Chemical Composition
LB-1 (Standard: BS 1400)Rem.8-1013-171 20.1 0.02 0.3
LB-2 (Standard: BS 1400)Rem.9-118.5-1110.1520.
LB-4 (Standard: BS 1400)Rem.4-68-102 20.1
LB-5 (Standard: JIS)Rem.4-618-231 20.1
LTB-3 (Standard: IS 318-1981)Rem.6-89-110.750.352
LTB-4 (Standard: IS 318-1981)Rem.6-814-160.750.352
LTB-5 (Standard: IS 318-1981)Rem.9-118.5-1110.352
LTB-6 (Standard: IS 318-1981)Rem.4-618-2310.352

Silicon Bronze Casting

Our organization manufacturers and supplies a wide range of Silicon Bronze Casting products. Silicon Bronze Castings are is offered in various shapes, sizes and dimensions to suit different requirements of clients. Silicon Bronze Castings are precisely engineered using high graded raw materials to ensure high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and optimum performance. Silicon Bronze Castings are available in different grades. Our Silicon Bronze castings are widely appreciated for their dimensional stability, anti-corrosive property and longer service life.

  • Made of copper with silicon
  • Excellent performance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Efficient Performance
Chemical Composition
C63400 (Standard: ASTM)Rem. 0.25-0.45
C63600 (Standard: ASTM)Rem. 0.7-1.3
C63800 (Standard: ASTM)Rem.
C64200 (Standard: ASTM)Rem.
C64210 (Standard: ASTM)Rem.
C87300 (Standard: ASTM)94 Min  0.8-1.53.5-4.5
C95600 (Standard: ASTM)88 Min    0.256-8 1.8-3.2

Brass Casting

Brass Castings are manufactured using the best available casting process and tool support so as to ensure in them precision accuracy and high durability standards. Brass Castings are widely acclaimed for their high tensile strength, resistance to corrosion in air & fresh water and excellent cast ability & maintainability. Brass Castings provided by us are made under the hard and fast compliance of international norms and standards. Customers can avail Brass Castings at the competitive market-leading prices.

  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Moisture
  • Variegated temperature conditions
  • High tensile strength
Chemical Composition
LCB-1 (Standard:IS:292-1983)70-771-32-5Rem.0.5 0.01   
LCB-2 (Standard: BS 1400)63-671.51-3Rem.0.5 0.01   
DCB 1 (Standard: BS 1400)59-63 0.25Rem.  0.5  0.75
DCB 3 (Standard: BS 1400)58-6310.5-2.5Rem.0.810.2-
PCB 1 (Standard: BS 1400)57-600.50.5-2.5Rem.0.3 0.5  0.5
SCB 1 (Standard: BS 1400)70-801-32-5Rem.0.7510.01  1
SCB 3 (Standard: BS 1400)63-701.51-3Rem.0.7510.1  1
SCB 4 (Standard: JIS)60-6360-630.5Rem.  0.01  0.75

Copper Alloy Casting

We manufacture an extensive range of Copper Alloy Castings, which is made using premium quality copper alloys. Our range of Copper Alloy Castings helps in smooth functioning of any kind of motor in harsh conditions. Copper Alloy Castings cater to the needs of various industries such as engineering, construction and automobile. We fabricate Copper Alloy Castings for maximum efficiency and customize it as per the demands and requirements of our clients. Copper Alloy Castings have an excellent feature of high conductivity coppers, which is used for their high electrical and thermal conductivities. Copper Alloy Castings find various applications in bearings, bushings, gears, fittings and valve bodies.

  • Accurate dimensions
  • High Tensile strength
  • Resistance to heat
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness
Chemical Composition
CuP15Zn13.5-1582 – 840. –
CuP1513.5-1584.5 Min0.
CuP109.5-1188.5 min0.

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